The project ran from Jan 2018 until October 2019 with the follwing three phases: initiation, qualification and transfer.

a) Initiation

17 participants from different Kenyan universities have been selected for the qualification measures in Germany.

b) Qualification

This phase qualified the selected Kenyan university teachers
through seminars and short-term stays in Germany to convey the three pillars of the model of German universities of applied sciences. In order to promote this model in Kenya’s higher education sector, HNU and THI  offered three workshops in application-oriented teaching, applied research and knowledge and technology transfer.

Other measures in this phase will include short-term stays in Germany for Kenyan university teachers as well as for administrative staff. The main focus is on employees from the library, internship and carrier center.

c) Transfer

The transfer phase is an important factor for the qualification program to ensure sustainability and to create a collaborative network, to share and discuss about concepts, experiences and best practices in the introduction of essential elements in the German model of applied sciences.

This phase should enable participants to develop first ideas for the implementation of models of applied sciences in Kenyan universities.

The transfer will be supported by two workshops which are specifically dedicated to the fields of technology and business administration.

At the end a technology-based collaborative platform will be set up, to enable the participants also after the end of the project, to have further exchange of ideas and to support each other in the implementation of measures.